Billy Jay Bob and Half-Life 2

Tech.Ed is over in Oz, and it’s back to BAU.

So first things, I must introduce Billy Jay Bob, he is Clarry’s distant cousin from the wheat belt of Melbourne. He was actually found by Chris V, hiding out in his daughter’s toy box! I think he was involved in some moonshine business that went south, hence the missing legs.

BJB wasn’t very accepting of me and my “honky” name, so he baptised me Bobby Joe Douglas, but insists on calling me Slick! For your own blessed name, check out this generator.

I also managed to download Half-Life 2 via Steam on the weekend, and have been enjoying the burning red eyes and cramped fingers of a chronically addicted game junky. I’ve since downloaded the SDK, and am slowly getting my head around the tools and mod projects. I’m more curious than committed at the moment, but there is so much interest in games development at the moment that I’m enjoying getting caught up int he rapture. For those who are interested, my Valve handle is davidlem.