BizTalk 2006 Beta

I'm sitting in a BizTalk 2006 lab that is based on BizTalk 2006 and Visual Studio 2005 B2! There are now a bunch of awesome, out of the box adapters, such as Windows SharePoint Services and the new POP3 can now send BTS an email!

I'll be spending some time over the next few weeks getting Visual Studio Team System and BizTalk Server 2006 to work together, to determine if we can use all the good things in VSTS within our BTS project cycles; things like SCC and unit testing.

So, I'll be sitting through this dev lab, and absorbing all I can, to re-deliver this content back in Melbourne at the lunch-time sessions in the city.

Also, check out the link below, sign up for the beta program, download BTS 2006, install it, develop against it, love it, send me money. Thankyou :)