Blogstipation and Therapy!

I’ve realised over the past few days that I’ve had terrible blogstipation since returning from honeymoon. Now, I’m pretty sure it’s got to do with the amount of email I’ve been ingesting over the past week or so, but I really wish I could get onto some of the blogfibre Franky is on (the man is a voracious blogger, insane!).

Not to worry though, I’m slowly starting to feel my blogwel starting to evacuate more regularly, and my posts becoming more firm, so getting regular isn’t too far away.

But it occurred to me that I find blogging to be very therapeutic. I didn’t realise how much, but as I haven’t been able to find time during the day to post my thoughts, I’ve started to feel more like Horshack everyday.

And I’ve also started to get a sense for why blogging has become so popular. I mean, for the first time ever, you could capture all those fleeting thoughts, those humorous observations, those deep conscious introspections, and send them out into the ether. It’s almost like a message in a bottle, except you don’t need the bottle, the scrolly paper or an ocean.

And then there’s the impact. I mean, everyone who reads your post is going to think; they may think nothing, they may think something, they may agree, or disagree, or take your post and run off on a tangent of their own. But the great thing is, that if it wasn’t for your post, they would never have had that experience.

And finally there is the sense of relief. You know the kind. Like when your dieing to tell someone something, but there’s no one around, so you end up telling the cups and saucers the intimate secrets of the universe. When you blog, it’s done, it’s said, it’s off your chest, and out of your mind. Nice and easy.

So for all those you say, “Why blog?” I say, “Why not”. Trust me; you can only go further than you where you are right now!