Brian K on XNA!

Great post from Brian on his new role with the XNA team, and just what the hell is XNA. I’m buzzed, because as I look at Microsoft’s role in the development tools space, it’s getting really cohesive.

Not long ago, we developed and released tools aimed just at programmers. But as we all know, the SDLC involves lotsa folks, so just creating isolated development tools left programmers, well, isolated. So with VSTS, everyone has something to play with, which is one way to turn the project team’s frowns upside down.

And with games development, it’s pretty much the same, lots of great isolated tools, but nothing that spans the whole cradle to grave experience. And if you’re trying to run a business around games production and development, that’s exactly what you want.

As Mogatu would say, Yay for XNA! Yay!