Canberra, Liebovitz Life Rules and No Mo!

So I’m sitting at the Microsoft booth in the the Canberra Convention Centre, and another leg of the tour has been chewed on, and spat out. The night party was great, being the fourth stop, the intro/speech ceremony is pretty much signed and sealed. The turn out was great, with lots of folks making it down for pizza, beer, networking…but alas, no Karaoke. Big shout out to Geoff, you’re rock look was the bomb!!

It was then onto the hotel room before heading off some a late dinner. While waiting for everyone to assemble, Franky, Jeffa and I decided to play a game of pool. Well, Jeffa being the pool shark he is, cleaned the table, but there was still some balls left on the table, so Franky and I instituted the Leibovitz Life Rules of 1957, which states players may continue to pot balls, until the table is complete clear. The LLR circa 1957 is quite extensive (don’t try looking it up on MSN, Franky and I invented all 789 sections of the rules last night while playing pool), and covers many day to day dilemmas, such as ordering potatoes with your dinner, or drinking tea without a cup.

And finally this morning, before heading off for the days events, I shaved off the mo’. It’s been quiet a strange journey with the ole’ mo; I didn’t realise how hard it would be. I actually contemplated leaving it, as it had become an aspect of my identity. But after shaving of the flavour saver, I feel like my old self; smooth, swarthy and salacious. Mmmm…

Perth your next…GET READY TO ROLL!!!