Code Camp Oz 2006...It's going to be BIG!

Hey, that tagline sounds familiar..anyway, Code Camp Oz 2006 is looking huge at the moment, with the agenda now up, and glistening with developer might!

But what caught my eye was what will no doubt become the highlight of the weekend, the jewel in the Code Camp crown, the piece of resistance, my session on…

“Services Consulting - Tips & Tricks”

Why on earth present such a topic I hear you ask?

Because, over the years, I have collected so many stories about what not to do, that I am busting to tell people about it.

So what can you expect at my session?

Well, I’m going to be covering a number of handy hints and tips for dealing with situations such as:

1. How to get your whole development team moved from workstations into the spare space near the server room (this one requires the telling of crude jokes at the top of your voice)

2. What to do when the account manager you have accompanied to a sales appointment starts to lie profusely through his teeth (this one requires the “can I see you for a second outside”)

3. How to avoid the discomfort that arises from accidentally sending a customer the email intended for your colleague which details in no uncertain terms your disdain for their organisation, employees and workplace practices (requires the kind of profanity reserved for sailors and high-school maths teachers)

Looking forward to seeing everyone there :)

By the way, did I say I was rooming with Chucky and Coatesy?? Now that should be a presentation in itself!