Comments are back!

So after my post issuing a fatwa against comment spammers, I received a couple of emails from the guys at Telligent, the makers of Community Server ( runs on CS).

As it turns out, at the height of my comment spam frustration (which led me to turn off comments), the Telligent team had turned on the “spam blocker”. So now I have comments enabled again, and the Telligent team have my back, so I retract my fatwa, and invite all and sundry to comment again.

And for the comment spammers out there, you’ll find my feeling in these wise words:

"In the Eyes of a Ranger, the unsuspecting stranger,
had better know the truth of wrong from right.
'Cause the eyes of the Ranger are upon you, any wrong you do he's gonna see.
When you're in Texas, look behind you, 'cause that's where the Ranger's gonna be."

Go Chuck! And go the spam blocker!