Convergence Day #1ish...

So Karl and I are in San Diego for Convergence 2007, and we decided to head over for early rego today to get in on the expo hall before the crowds and get the layout.

First thing I noticed is how well setup the event is right off the bat. It's Saturday in San Diego, and even though it's early registration, there were ushers around offering assistance and directions.

The second thing was these:


They are colored badges with the industry you represent! There was also badges that represent your favorite product! This is such a great idea, because at a conference where there is expected to be 9000 people, finding birds of a feather can be tough. I got my feathers:


So if you see me running around with these lined up like war medals, say g'day! Also, that's not all I got! I managed to bump into Jon Jonasson who is a Senior Technical Product Manager on the Dynamics team, and he slipped me a wink and a copy of the latest GP 10 VPC!!! It was baked in February, and has the latest face and guts, and from my very short fiddle (between getting back to my hotel room and getting ready to leave for dinner), it looks tops.

And finally, I got my shiny silver Microsoft CRM pen! I know, it's only a pen, but the conference hasn't even started and I'm already flushed with fungibles! And tomorrow the doors open, so it's time to get stuck into hands-on labs, chalk talks, and keynotes!


See you 'round ;)