Daily Developers is getting Screwed...!

Well, ScrewTurn'd!

As is the life of this little project, just when I think it's going to tank, the cosmic universe sends forth a sign (well, that's what Yil reckons it is, after I picked Mutto as being the next to leave Aus Idol by simply closing my eyes and seeing his face while watching Monday nights show!!), in this case, by the form of the awesome ScrewTurn Wiki!

It's .Net 2.0, it is an absolute cinch to setup (it doesn't even need a database!), and it is a sweet piece of software! Hats off to Dario and the ScrewTurn team (their blog blog is a good read too!)

So it's up and running on one of my Intel servers at WDG server at the moment, and thanks to Karl and Tony, it will have a new coat of paint very soon. But for now, jump on to http://www.dailydevelopers.com, sign up (or don't, it's your call!) and start contributing!

I think my first article will be on how to get free stuff from your partners (the ole' quid pro quo of techland!).