Damo Rocks Da' 'Rat!

I've been flat out hanging with Coatesy today, that I haven't had a chance to blog about my adventure on Thursday with Damo in Ballarat!

Well, my adventure started out at Southern Cross Station, where I boarded the VLine train to Ballarat. Now, I've really got into the catching VLine trains, and this trip was no different. I get to relax, look out the window at the landscape streaming by, while I listen to some tunes on my Clix, post some stories to my blog, and churn through some email.

Anyhoo, I arrived pretty quickly into Ballarat, hooked up with Damo, had a quick tour around his work, then headed to the venue for the inagural Ballarat.NET SIG meeting! First impressions were that Ballarat is not only a picturesque place to chill out, but also has an awesome food compass, which was further supported by the gourmet pizzas and espresso coffee provided for the SIG attendees! Oh yeah, I could get used to this kind of meeting!

The meeting itself went really well too (if I should say so myself), with lots of participation from the SIG members, and some great post meeting conversations about industry development and technology clusters.

Finally, the night ended off nicely with a top cup o' tea with Damo and his wife (and their two cats :)) before jumping back on the VLine train home.

Top work Damo, looking forward to next months SIG matey (and mo' gourmet pizza ;))