Day 1 PDC – Waiting to Exhale!

Jeez, now I know how Whitney felt!

After what feels like forever, we were able to announce our cloud services platform, Azure.

So what is Azure?

Well first of all, Azure, or the Azure Services Platform is a service platform which provides developers with the ability to host, integrate and share their applications through the Internet, all while using Microsoft infrastructure, so you don’t have to buy and install your own.



consists of:





My team is the .NET Services team, which covers the Service Bus, Access Control and the Workflow Service.

If you want to get access to .NET Services, you will need to register and join a waitlist.

If you want to find out a little more about each of the service offerings, then definitely check out the website.

Also, if you would like to know more about the products, please drop me a line on davidlem at microsoft dot com. I’m looking to do some regular screencasts after PDC, so send me your topics of interest. :)

And if you’re at PDC, make sure you drop by the Azure Services Platform lounge and pick up some cool swag!


clip_image001 clip_image001[4]



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