Dev'Garten on the way to TechEd!

This week I’ve been busy getting my little baby ready for a trip of a life time.

Yes, Dev’Garten has been de-racked, rebuilt, and will be soon packed away for dispatch to TechEd Australia 2006.

After TechEd, it will be off to its new home, and while I’m busting at the seams to tell everyone about that little adventure, I’ll keep myself under control.

But for those heading to TechEd this year, here are some pics and sounds of what you will some into contact with!

DG-AD: Active Directory Server DG-ISA: ISA Server
IMAGE_012.jpg IMAGE_011.jpg
DG-AT: TFS App Tier Server DG-DT: TFS Data Tier Server
IMAGE_010.jpg IMAGE_009.jpg

These machines above are the gruntiest things I’ve every seen, I mean, they are perf plus. The two in the middle are available on the market, the two on either sides (DG-AD and DG-DT) are engineering samples from Intel; that’s right, they are the Franken’boxen that isn’t ready for public consumption. Why? Well, just listen to DG-AD during start-up and shutdown! Let’s just say they are built for speed and not manners.

So make sure you drop by the Dev’Garten area when you’re at TechEd and say hi. We’ll have some great giveaways, lots of cool kit, and best of all, a full blown, production grade, completely distributed Team Foundation Server environment for punters to play with!

See you’ll at TechEd :)