Do Not Call...Telemarketers Beware!

Tim just sent me an email to this....

It's an Australian Government initiative to help reduce cold calling, or more importantly, to provide rights to those people who don't want to be called by tele-marketers, but still get called by tele-marketers.

I like this kind of stuff, because sometimes saying "No!" is just not enough, unless you have a nice big legislative stick to hit people with.

You know what I mean! When you get that call during dinner from someone asking if you are happy with your phone service provider, and you're thinking, "Huh? My lamb chops are getting cold for this?", and more importantly, "How did you get my number?", to which they reply, "Ahh... Goodbye".

So now, as my good friend George Papas always used to say, "Don't wait! Litigate!". Call your family solicitor (What? Everyone one should have one!), cite the appropriate legislative infraction, and get ready to get justice'fied!

I can already smell the silk!!