Dropping in from outer space!

This week the bus finds itself in Adelaide, home of Hahndorf, The Barossa Valley, and Ben Folds! Eeek!

The session in Sydney went well, but I have since tweaked the presentation to include some goodies. To all those who attended the Sydney session, don't stress, I'll have those Active Directory web services to you soon, just waiting until the end of the roadshow to send them out. Like the wine in Adelaide, they get better with age :)

The image above is the architecture of my App Sig presentation. The scenario behind my demo is an InfoPath form that a user can fill out to request details of an Active Directory user, and indicate an email address to send the report to. BizTalk resolves the account name into the users Firstname and Lastname, creates a new InfoPath form (its a report template), and then emails this to the requester as an InfoPath form attachment. The scenario covers:

1. User selecting an account name from a drop-down list populated by my AD web service, and entering an email to send the report to.
2. Submitting form to a web service which is exposing a BizTalk orchestration.
3. The BizTalk orchestration calls the AD web service, and resolves the account name to First Name and Last Name.
4. BizTalk creates the resolution report, and then submits it through a custom pipeline that converts the report to an InfoPath form, and sends it as an attachment.

This demo covers a typical scenario where the InfoPath form needs to call a web service, and the BizTalk orchestration then needs to call a web service. Also it covers BizTalk creating a new InfoPath form instance, and sending this to someone as a mail attachment.

If you are located in Adelaide, Perth, Canberra or Melbourne (Australia), make sure you get along to this event, as I am also giving away the whole source to this demo :)