Dynamics Dev Sessions - Australia

Ask yourself a question!? OK, well, maybe a few!

  1. Do you build business software that has characteristics of ERP, CRM or Financials?
  2. Are you intrigued by the Microsoft Application Platform?
  3. Do you thirst for knowledge around Visual Studio and .NET?
  4. Do you ever purse your lips when you look in the mirror!?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above (well, maybe the first 3 anyway), then you're going to be interested in our latest concoction!

Quarterly, starting this month (October/07), we'll be running Dynamics Developer Sessions, initially in Sydney and Melbourne, but then slowly fanning out to include the rest of the states (so relax Brian, we're definitely going to get to Perth my friend ;)).

What can you expect?

Well, it will be all about developers and Dynamics.

No marketing fluff, no sales spiels, no PowerPoint (I've ditched that in favor of good ole' fashioned flip charts! and talkin'). Just honest, hardworking info on how to build solutions using Visual Studio, .NET and Dynamics... like mamma used to make!

So to kick things off this month, I'll be demonstrating how to use Dynamics NAV 5.0 as an ERP platform base to build a asset tracking app that has a WPF admin component, ASP.NET AJAX with Virtual Earth tracking component, and Windows Mobile 6 notification component. Hot damn!

Also, fellow Dynamics Microsoft'ee Katherine Le Count will be there, to get the session started with a quick introduction, and also to help out with questions around the business aspects of building and selling products on the Dynamics platform.

To register, follow the links below:

Based on feedback following each Dynamics Dev Session, we'll tune the next quarters content accordingly.

At this point, big topics down the track will definitely include:

  • CRM "Titan"
  • AX 5.0

So, make sure you register, spread the word, head down to a Dynamics Dev Session in your closest state, and let's get this party started!

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