Dynamics Developer Session #1 - Screencast Part 1

For those who attended the first Dynamics Developer Sessions, big thanks for dropping by and participating; not only were the after session chats very insightful, but the follow up emails were extremely valuable. Lots of great ideas for the next session which will be held early Feb 2008.

Onto the code.

Now, there are a couple of collections of code. I'll cover each separately in a single screencast, and include a link to my Samples folder on SkyDrive so you can get the kickstart, and also for those that want the full fledge video, my ScreenCasts folder too.

So, I hope you enjoy part 1 which focuses on the ASP.NET Web Services to NAV 5.0 via the C/Front .NET library bit of the session, and as soon as the other two parts finish rendering and uploading, I'll post them too.

Update!!! - I'll be putting my screen casts up on Silverlight Streaming from now on, so will be dropping the Screencasts folder from SkyDrive.


Video: Dynamics Developer Session 1 - NAV Adapter Demo

Enjoy :)

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