Eee'k! It's Asus' Little Fella!

Shanemo and I went for an adventure today, down to Myer to see the new Asus Eee.

Eee PC from Asus

The first thing that hits you is how small it is, that's a 20c coin next to it!

The next thing that hits you is how fast and responsive the Linux OS is. The trick is it doesn't do lots of nearly worthwhile things, but does a few very useful things. Always a good move.

Next, it has all the bits and pieces you'd expect from a full strength notebook. It has 3 USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet and Telephony ports, Video out port, Webcam, cool touch pad with a single multifunction touch pad button (press on the left side is left click, right side is right click), speakers, and audio out and microphone jacks.

It is light as (under 1 kg), and also has a Windows version coming out very soon.

To be honest, it's a great buy, and at $499 AUD, it meets the number one rule of product selling, don't make the purchasing decision too hard. At that price, with those features, the decision to buy is not intensive, which is why these little machines are running out like hot cakes.


Btw, if anyone at Asus would like me to "test" one of these babies (or any mobile computer for that matter), please feel free to furnish me with goodies ;)

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