Frank Records A Blog! What tha?

I received my Global Corporate Challenge e-Newsletter today, and had a bit of a look through, when low and behold...there's Franky! And what's more, he had "recorded a blog" about his day with his pedometer.

Now, I wish to draw your attention to some aspects of the newsletter I find intriguing...


  1. These airbrushed pics of Franky are really doing the rounds these days!
  2. How does one "record" a blog? Does Franky have some secret alien technology he is with holding from the rest of us?
  3. What's this "Black Rhino" stall? Can I get one of these lil' fellas for my office from it?

Hmm, more questions than answers for me this Funky Friday! Hope your team wins on the weekend Chachitos! I'm outta here, Vatican calls!