Franky's Shame!

When I was young, my brother and I used to go over to my cousins house for school holidays to hang out. One day we went to my Uncles garage (he is a mechanic) to muck around, and my little cousin found a stash of magazines under one of the workbenches. Now I'm sure you're thinking, "Big deal, so you found a bunch of old copies of the English magazine Hello!"... but it wasn't, .... it sooo wasn't. Anyway, that evening as my uncle was taking us home for dinner, my little cousin thought he would stir him up, and ran towards the Alladdin's Nasty Cave screaming, "I'm going to get your magazines!!". Well, I don't think anyone had seen my uncle move so fast, I don't think even he was capable of light speed! Well yesterday, while in Franky's office, the memories came flooding back.

So I'm sitting in Franky's office yesterday, and he has the door closed because the people who sit outside his office claim Franky is too loud (as if! ;)), so they make him shut the door. So, add the fact that Franky has 3 separate machines (one A7), and including my A7 belching out hot proc air, and the building air-con on the blink, we might as well have been sitting with towels wrapped around our waste pouring cold water on his Motion tablet while listening to ABBA!

So I turn to the mini-fridge next to me and say to Frank as I go to open the door, "This should cool us down". Before I know it, Franky is up of his chair, and reaching towards the fridge door at the same time as me saying "Nooooo". Then I saw it, in Franky's own words...his shame:


Inside his fridge (it's a mini-fridge mind you), was this massive iceberg! I thought immediately of Nigel's recent post, and figured Frank had divested some of his super in a bit of the iceberg, but alas, the truth as usual was more alarming. Franky had been cultivating this mutant freezer frost in some demented love trist, hoping to conceal it's existence from the world like an errant love child!

The secret was out, and things will never be the same again...

And yes, that's Snowbot playing around in the ice pool.