Geeks and the Church of All Worlds!?

I regularly find myself on a blog trail adventure, and this morning was no exception!

I started out by checking my NZ comrades blogs; Sean McBreen's, Darryl Burling's, and finally Nigel Parker's (I like your Magnum blog picture Nigel ;))

That then took me to Chris Auld's blog, where I notice he not only recently got married (congrat's Chris), but has also been instated as a Regional Director. This then took me to the RD website, where I noticed a link to these things called GrokTalks... things were definitely getting interesting now.

I had to know what GrokTalks were, so I hit my favorite source for such things, Wiki. The Wiki explanation of Grok is essentially to understand something thoroughly. But it also goes onto say that this term is heavily used by "geeks and some pagans , particularly those belonging to the Church of All Worlds". Wtf!? I'll leave it up to you'll to follow this through on your own adventure...however, all I ask is that you do not awaken Gaia!

Which brings me to my next Killer App! I want some kind of IE plug-in that tracks by blog trails, and is able to graphically display my adventure. Kind of like the concept of TagClouds, but to show me where I've been in any one blog session. Thankyou :)