Get In Kahootz!

So I spent the last three days at the annual VITTA conference, speaking and hanging out at the Microsoft booth, and while I'll save my full report for a later post (I want to try and leave before it gets dark today), I really wanted to share this little nugget that was shared with me from some teachers:

It's called Kahootz, and essentially, you use it to create these unreal 3D movies. Read the website page for a proper treatment.

But what really grabbed me about this, is that it's the power of the story your telling, and not necessarily the quality of the medium. I saw one project which just blew me away. The story was what hooked me, and although the production was not visual appealing, that didn't matter, because the story was so compelling.

It made me think, I wander why people don't use these kinds of mediums more often to convey their ideas and thoughts. I've gone right off Powerpoint decks now, and if I do use them, I jazz them up with cool pix and really use them to hammer home a specific point, no graphs and other rubbish.

I suppose like most things, it comes down to effort. And from what I can tell these days, effort is directly related to passion. The more passion, the more effort. The product of those two always ends up as a measure of success.