Get Little! It's MEDC Time! And it's in Melbourne!

IMAGE_00068.jpgOK, so Scotty (pictured left, doing his “I want your money” gesture) just clued me up about MEDC, or the Mobile and Embedded Developer Conference to the unwashed (like moi). It’s on this year in beautiful sunny Melbourne on the 25th of May @ The Crown Casino’s Palladium Room, and it’s looking pretty interesting from what I can tell. So what can I tell?

It’s going to cover:

  • Mobile Presentation: Create pimpin’ mobile UI’s! Like the crazy frog! Remember how popular that was?
  • Mobile Communications: Because we’re living in a mobile world, and I’m just a mobile … anyway, how do you get your mobile apps connected?
  • Mobile Data: Where do you put your data? I don’t know! Do you? Don't reckon so! Ya!
  • Mobile Performance: Make your mobile apps bigger, better, faster, HOTTER!!!

And then on the embedded side!

  • Windows CE 6.0 Architecture: This is essential to anyone looking to move to the 6.0 edition from 5.0; or those just starting out in the CE world!
  • Windows CE 6.0: Mike Hall from the Windows Embedded Product Team will be letting it slip on all the goodness in the next version of Platform Builder!
  • XP Embedded Boot Options: Boot from hard drive, CD, Flash media! Pretty cool eh!?
  • WEPOS Development: My mate Don Kerr (Microsoft Australia Embedded Gzus) showed me some of this stuff a while back, it’s truly unreal stuff for those trying to build retail point of sale systems in an extensible, managed way. Very important session for ISV’s!

Now, the conference costs $220 for the one day, and based on the track setup, you can get along to 4 x 75 minute sessions. So by my math, it works out a couple of ways…

  • $55 per session
  • 73 cents per minute

That’s good value, as there aren’t many things you can get for 73 cents per minute…in Melbourne…during the day…that won’t get you arrested…I’m going to stop now :)

See you at MEDC!