Get some Torque, on your fork!

I caught up with Martin and Phil from ECU on Friday, and they gave me a quick demo of their new game built using the Torque Game Engine from GarageGames. This is very cool stuff, and what’s impressive is the engine and script support for developing games.

It also has support for XBox 360 which is very exciting for those looking to move their passion into the commercial channel. I’ve been blown away with the power of technologies such as the PhysX engine from AGEIA (it’s part of the Robotics Studio) and the Torque Game Engine. It makes you realise the potential for utilising these technologies in non-gaming applications; such as those that need to simulate real world scenarios, and also those that need to overlay complex data over semi-physical models. Or, alternatively, like me, simulate a robot carrying me from my bed to the breakfast table!