Go you Hoary Hedgehog!

I think it was Dolemite who so eloquently put it, "Way down in the jungle deep, the bad ass lion stepped on the lions feet!". Well, I'm not looking to step on anyones feet, but I'm certainly keen to see how my new hoary hedgehog holds up as an OS.

See, I have developed a very debilitating illness called PenguinBean fever, and it manifests itself in the form of a dual boot sandbox, one partition running Windows Server 2003 with all the trimmings (VStudio, SQL Server 2000, BizTalk 2004), the other partition running Ubuntu with yet to be decided trimmings (Eclipse, most likely MySQL or PostgreSQL, Jboss).

So why am I willfully succumbing to this illness? Well, it's because the technology landscape has changed dramatically for developers, both on the Windows and .NET platform, as well as the Linux and Java platform, and I really wanted to know first hand, what are the pro's and con's of both.
Yes, I'm sure I could crawl the newsgroups and blogs, sifting through the detritus of ardent developers, in the hope of finding something close to the articulation of true experience, but that's just no fun.

So wish me luck amigos, I promise I'll send postcards.