Good news! Mr. Nnam Gaemezu is dead!?

Many of you’ll may remember one of my previous posts:

About my late Uncle Willy.

Well, I’ve just received another email today from Barrister Ben Fidal Roberts, informing me (with humble pleasure, jeez, I don’t see where the pleasure could be) that my “old friend” Mr. Nnam Gaemezu’s gentle soul is now resting in peace! What’s more, his daughter, Chim, has been left with $16M euros, that she must transfer to me, so that she can flee the country. Now, even though Mr. Fidal Robers has a terrible habit of referring to me as “friend” rather than David, he also happens to be Chim’s brother!

Now, my only concern is that I must be able to handle this safely???, hmm, not exactly sure what he means, but I’m not one to argue, so I’m looking forward to his response to my email containing my name, address, bank account details (for the deposit of the $16M off course) and my tax file number (probably to ensure I don’t incur any tax penalties as part of my new found wealth!).

Again Franky, I may be taking some time off :)