How does a developer stay on top of the hardware curve?? Get sponsored!

OK, so Clarry and I have had a pretty wired (not weird, I know where the spell checker is!) day! Lots of ideas, lots of information, and more importantly, lots of coffee.

Now, in the caffeine fueled haze of todays activities, I remarked to Clarry that I needed more! “More what?” he inquired. “More money?”,“More kudos?”, “More hair?”

“No damn you!” I hissed! More HARDWARE!

See, I do a lot of product testing (you may call it playing around), and I never seem to have the right grade of hardware. Not enough grunt, not enough memory, not enough pizazz (you know, like shiny stuff). So Clarry suggested something brilliant (if this article leads me into any trouble, take note, IT WASN”T MY IDEA, IT WAS CLARRY’s), get sponsored!!

So I thought for a second…what a brilliant idea. I do so many demonstrations of Microsoft stuff, that I could be a walking billboard for a progressively thinking hardware company. At the start of each of my presentations, I could introduce my current “hardware sponsor”, and espouse their wonderful wonderment (only if the hardware was wonderful though). In return, they would provide me with the latest and greatest hardware to “test”.

Ahh, I can see it now, I would look like a race car with hardware vendors logo’s from top to toe. And people would follow me around, saying, “Dave, you so flash, you got such nice hardware (keep it clean), be in my music video clip”, and I would respond, “Never Bagamoyo!”…ok, I think it’s time to lie down now :)

So, if anyone wants to sponsor me, send me an email with your sponsorship offer, and I’ll have my agent contact you with a counter offer, and somewhere after the 11th round and 4th cup of pretzels, I’ll accept!