I Got A New Job!

In keeping with my intense desire to constantly improve my top line, I've accepted a new job!

I'll be taking on the role of Chief Weapons Controller at SkyVault, where my colleague Crystal and I will dispatch systems to our team of Centurions as they battle the evil Doc Terror!


Well, ok, so I didn't get that job, but I did one that is just as cool!

My new job will be the Sr. Product Manager for Cloud Services, based at HQ in Redmond, Washington. I'll start my new role while still in Australia, then relocate with Yil, Oli and the doggies to the U.S., probably some time in June.

What will my new job involve? Well, I'll pretty much be spending heaps of time on our cloud stuff, working with the various product engineering groups who are building the new shiny bits, marinating in their cloudy goodness, then spreading the word via blogs, conferences (PDC too, yesh!), and the power of love; that kind of thing. 

Why am I moving? Because I strongly believe that the cloud offers Microsoft an unreal chance to redefine the boundaries of our application platform. To take the whole S+S thing into a new playing field. And to be on the ground floor as we do this is a dream come true! Also, I just miss Franky!

Will I forget everyone in Australia? Probably. I don't know, jeez! Depends on what presents I get. No, no, only joking... *whispers under breath* I better get good presents!

Will Microsoft Australia be waiting until the body goes cold? Not at all! In fact, we're looking for my replacement as I type. So if you are, or know someone, who would love to do what I do (at Microsoft I mean), then send me an email.

Anyhoo, I'm off to get my lego hair and high pants fitted, but please leave comments and let me know how much you'll miss me (or leave porn spam... you know who you are!).

Ba bye!

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