I have idee! A.k.a: Money Maker #1

OK, so I’m having lunch with my good friend Michael Scales (who assures me he will be blogging ASAP, so I can link to it) and it hits me! My first entry into “Code Your Money Maker” #1!

It’s an extension or new feature (depending on who develops it!) to Microsoft Exchange, called a blog item. Ok, now before you run at me with wild eyes and mouth ‘o frothing, bemoaining, “There are hundreds of blog tools/servers/pitchforks available”, give me two seconds to explaineth my ideath.

So, there will be a new item type in Exchange, like a calendar or mail folder, called a Blog.

A user can create one attached to their Mailbox, and link it to multiple external blogs using a set of interfaces (such as BlogAPI, etc).

Then, each time they create a new “Blog Post” item in their “Blog” type folder, it gets published to their externally linked blogs. Also, they can drop existing items from Outlook into their blog folder, and a clever little wizard formats it and posts it to the external blogs. So you can create events from your calendar on your blog.

You can also publish your blog to other Exchange users, or your internal SharePoint server.

And, Exchange should also have RSS aggregation build in, so instead of the client doing the sync, Exchange can do it for you and populate your feed box. So when you login in the morning or whatever, all your feeds are there.

Eh, I’m tired now, and going to drink my third coffee for the day. If anyone uses this idea (highly unlikely given the crude and poorly articulated vision I have just cast forth) could you please send me a JasJar out of the billions of dollars of revenue?