I hope I'm not speaking out of turn here! Victorian .NET Architects UG is alive!

My main man Clarke Scott has been baking this over the last few weeks, and it’s finally cooked, and looks good.

If you’re a .NET Architect, who is interested in meeting like minded individuals in Melbourne, Australia, then get stuck into VDNAUG! I’m hoping they invite me to speak on my cleverly architected n-tier solution of Excel (Data Tier) and Active-X Document (Presentation and Middleware).

Don’t know what Active-X Documents are (or were?), well, think ASP back in the day, with a strong (and I mean strong, like my god like muscular body) MFASIS on COM, and um, CABs, and urghhh, I’ve said enuff.

Go VDNAUG! Go Active-X Documents! Go go…go!