I Want To Sit Under Cozy Blanket And Watch You Cooking!!?

OK, now I know the public perception of Dave Lemphers is that of a hard nosed corporate assassin who deals with only the most challenging challenges, worthy of my Hasselhoff like good looks and Norris agility. A pitbull in a pinstripe suit some might say.

But even the most deft business master has a soft side. So when I received this heartfelt message from Sabrin B (lidayfoss@holidays.net) in my Junk Email folder, I was touched to say the least.

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I mean, who doesn't want to cook while being watched by someone sitting under a blanket (preferably if they are in the same room, not across the street in a blacked out, cockroach infested bedsitter). I now fully understand how Britney felt when Chris Crocker was moved to do something similar.

And oh the thought of kissing some ones hair (lips are so overrated). Or having someone feed me fruit using their hands for once (feet just don't do food justice). Or how I've yearned to "click" someone from behind (I'm not sure what that's street talkĀ for?).

But alas Sabrin, I already have someone who watches my smile while I sleep (and I don't think he wants someone else joining him in the large oak tree at the back of my house), so you will have to continue your search.

All I can say is... I hope you am find the thoughtfulness and care hugs you seek :)

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