Innovation 2006! Kind of like Eurovision for Developers!

Deeps (who’s blog hasn’t been updated since October 2005 because of the little known “Blog Strike” of September 2005), pinged me about Innovation 2006.

What is Innovation 2006? It’s a technical training event for Vista and Office 12 developers, being held in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney (for the other states all the content will be available via web casts).

For those who haven’t been across this stuff, it’s a great chance to get up to speed quick sticks, and has some great content from technical Eltons such as Charles “Chuck Willy” Sterling, Darren “Looks good in leather” Neimke, and John “Just John” Hodgson (and that’s just the dev track, you wouldn’t believe what Logie is doing for the keynote!).

Anyhoo, it’s ride night, so, ta ta :)