It's alive! Team Foundation Server in the cloud!

If you fire-up your Visual Studio 2005 IDE, open up the Team Explorer tool window, and connect to:

I know it’s simple, but it’s the start of something beautiful, a fully hosted, Team Foundation Server in the cloud, for Dev’garten members.

Also, I have started building out the next release of the Dev’garten site (you can check out the member login/sign-up functionality at so that people can start requesting their own Team Foundation Server RC project space. I am yet to iron out the permissions/access model, and I’m going to be getting down and dirty with some HttpHandlers to see if I can’t setup the TFS server to support isolated project access.

So I’m going to head home early, as I’ve been cranking it this week to get the Team Foundation Server RC box installed into the now sprawling Dev’garten web infrastructure (that now consists of two 4 GB dual-core Xeon servers; 1 running SQL Server 2005 EE x64 on the metal and the other running Virtual Server 2005 R2 x64 hosting 4 virtual servers).

As I always say, keep your eye on Dev’garten; it won’t be long until you can have a play! :)