It's "Tito" Mo'nday!!!

So, I woke up this Mo'nday, the third this Mo'vember, and thought to myself, "What's my inspiration?"

It's not a question I can readily answer, so instead, I let the universe call to me.

It started with my shave. Now, I decided each Mo'nday of Mo'vember, I would create a new persona with my 'tash.

It started with "The Shoe":


Then the "Mo'lat":


Then came the "The Conquistador":


So this morning, when I had completed shaving (I never use a mirror, I just let the hand of fate guide my razor), I saw this:


Now, at first glance, it may look very similar to "The Conquistador", but I've taken the ends up and made the overall 'tash leaner and meaner. It was dashing. It was inspiring. It was ... to reveal itself later to me.

I then went to grab lunch. Again, the Universe called to me, and I ordered this:

The "Tito"

"Wtf is that!?" you shriek, like Prince on his wedding night!? It's a crusty roll, with sliced tomato, cheese, avocado... and a sausage roll! The lady behind the counter had a good chuckle and asked me what I called it...

"The 'Tito'" I said, the words coming out quicker than a Vista service pack! She knew I wasn't joking, and neither was I!... :0

So, in honor of all the Tito's out there, sandwiches included, I christen this Mo'nday Mo'...

The Tito!

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