I've Found An Investor for MrDotBoto! His Good Self, Johnson Douglas!

I'm the first to admit it's hard to get decent sponsorship for new ideas, I mean, having to talk to VC honchos, or putting business plans together (bleh), so I was quite chuffed to receive an email this morning in my Junk Mail folder from none other than Johnson Douglas, the elder son of Alex Adams of Zimbabwe. Now I'm not going to let the minor detail that Johnson's email address is gardenadam1@yahoo.com (oh I hope publishing his email on my blog doesn't entice the spam bots to clog his inbox!) or that his dad seems to have a different surname to him..?

Anyway, after "convincing himself to solicit my assistance after much prayers", Johnson decided to send me an email, to inform me of a lucrative business opportunity! Wow! Just like in Jerry McGuire, he had me at Sir/Madam!

Now, as it turns out, there was some bloodshed, politics, USD$$, Lil' Johnson managed to empty his fathers safe of its contents, and flee the country. Guess how much Pops had shoved into the safe? Six (6) Million United States Dollars! Wow, I'd love to see that safe! More importantly, Johnson reckons he took it with him over the border! In what!? A pillow case!?

Anyhoo, Johnson assures me there is no risk on my side, and "hence all the modalities are safe", so I'm going to send him my bank details, address and date of birth so that he can expedite the transfer of the aforementioned USD$6 million!! Woohoo, can you imagine how many Serializer boards that would buy!

Oh, and by the way, Johnson, when you sign a letter or email off, you should generally make sure the name you sign off as is the same as the one you introduced yourself as, just for kicks ;)

I love his sig too:


Joe Adams.


LOL, sounds like the mafia! I wander if Joe Adams a.k.a Johnson Douglas is related to Uncle Willy!?