June CTP versus Beta 2...Rick, it's Dave here!

Boy, where there some sore ears in Redmond today!

I've been busy with customer stuff these past few weeks; and low and behold, I get into the office today and find out that the Visual Studio product teams have gone and released another version of Team System! Well, I was mad as hell, and quickly picked up the phone and dialed Rick LaPlante...below is an except from our conversation (which was recorded for quality purposes):


[RLP] Microsoft, Rick speaking..

[DJL] Rick, this is Dave Lemphers here, and I'm mad as hell!

[RLP] Oh hi Dave, so great to..

[DJL] Yeah yeah, whatever, look, I got back to my desk today after taking care of some pretty serious business this week, and my inbox is full of messages from the community, confused about this new June CTP release! What is going on around there!?

[RLP] Oh sorry Dave, didn't you get that memo..

[DJL] What memo!!? Look Rick, I thought last time we spoke about releases schedules, CTP's, your feelings, my shoes, we'd worked out an arrangement. It don't play, 'less I say yay!

[RLP] Oh I know Dave, but..

[DJL] [Click]

Disclaimer: Actual conversation may not have ever occurred. Only union approved actors were employed as part of this dramatisation.

Anyway, I thought I better repost some links from Rob and Buck on why you may want to avoid the latest June CTP. From what I can tell though, I think the best option for those looking to adopt Team System is to stick with the Beta 2.