Marketing Pics...Where Do They Get This Stuff!?

I got this email about an internal update for Office 2007, so I went to the site to download/install it, and they have this picture on the front page:

Microsoft Pinup People


Now I'm working in Franky's office today, and so I looked at him, I looked at me, and thought, we don't look anything like these people! In fact, I peeked outside his office, and no one looked like these two Strunzos! So I thought, lets Marketbust this! So we grabbed Fletch (the camera man/pizza boy), and recreated the picture:



First thing I have to say is, what was the working situation they were trying to recreate!? I mean, look at turtle neck guy, he looks like his smoking a cigarette after a roll in the hay, and the woman isn't even looking at him, in fact, she seems to be rubbing her hands together, maybe keeping her pimp hand strong (he looks like he needs a good slap!). It took quite a bit of effort for Franky and I to recreate this, but I think we did a good job!

Maybe we should produce our own catalog of marketing images! Yeah!