Mindstorms NXT!

Pretty exciting stuff around the corner with Lego getting ready to release the next version of their Mindstorms product, appropriately named Mindstorms NXT. Quick features include:

  • USB and BT support
  • 3 servo motors (the current model only had two)
  • 4 sensors: Ultrasound (Sight), Sound (Hear), Light (Intensity) and Touch (Feel)

The overall design has been vamped, with the programmable brick looking more like a streamlined control module than the previous clunky RCX brick did, and the inclusion of 3 outputs and 4 inputs giving increased feedback and control for your Mindstorms robot. It’s expected the kits should be available sometime after April (the U.S release date) in Australia.

Some other cool links to check out:

Btw, I’ve always had this dream of having a robot to carry me around like my parents did when I was a baby, you know, when shopping and such (cos’ I get very tired), so I was wrapped to see this entry in nxtbot:

No more sore legs while walking around the shops for me!