Moi, Robot!

I had the pleasure of presenting my first public session on Robotics to the very switched on class at UWA (thanks for the hookup Sarah). Now, it's pretty much based on my own personal experience, so while it may not be a great reference or citation in your Ph.D dissertation, it should give people looking to build their own Human Enslaver a bit of a heads up (before it gets removed by your sentient destruct-o-bot!)

Also, the actual slide deck is being hosted on my new Box ( account! Unreal, 1GB of online file sharing...noice!

Here's the link to the presentation, usual consumption rules apply, if you like it, then you must name your first born (or for those with established fruit-o-loins, your next born) after me, and if you don't like it, simply drink a strong Shirley Temple and convince yourself you did like it (much like watching an episode of Gilmore Girls)!

Btw, it's a Powerpoint 2007 pptx file :)