More Marketing Pixtabation!

Franky sent this pic through this arvo, and I had to get on it!

Now, there has already been some activity on the web about this, but I have to take a different view and ask...What were they thinking full stop!?

I mean, let's deconstruct this image and wander what the marketing maestros were onto when they 'shopped this:

  • SourceSafe retail box on left side
  • Random woman on right side (with horns mind you!)
  • Empty space between them
  • She is carrying a mobile phone
  • She seems to be wearing a safari lab coat!
  • She looks really angry/content/evil
  • Background has luminance that invites the question..Are we going somewhere Mommy?

Now, what is my problem with this (or any useless corporate artwork)? Well, why do they have it in the first place? Why spend money on it? I'm wandering how many people bought Visual SourceSafe 2005 because they identified with the message conveyed by this image? I wander if any one thought, "Yes, I too feel like her. I work in a safari lab where we check in our 70's porn stars into SourceSafe!" Whaaa!?

I would really like to hear from people (especially those who create such images) as to why these are important? What they are meant to achieve? Why not just recreate these images using more appropriate objects that convey the right message? Something like:


He he :)