Mr Deity!! Follow the course!

Franky put me onto this show, Mr. Deity!

Essentially, it focuses on the day to day dramas of Mr. Deity as he goes about trying to run one of the biggest enterprises of all time, and some of the quotes are pure gold!

My favorite part is in episode 2 where Mr. Deity is speaking to Larry about constructing the world, then says at the end, "How about this you schmuck, why don't you bring me back something this time, get me a t-shirt or something?" 

Certainly better than watching Kochy and Mel talking about what kind of sandwiches they make to feed the kids during school holidays! (Don't you just love Mel's ability to smile at everything from rose petals to dead puppies!)

So check out Mr. Deity, it's a great elixir for Monday'itis!