MrDotBoto! We have a heart!

I previously mentioned that I had my brain together for MrDotBoto (Edgar), but I now have a heart courtesy of James' hands and Franky's wallet ;)


So what's the next step!?

To put power to the little puppy. So I'm going to wire a 11.1V RC battery, something like this!

The guide states that the maximum power you can put to this is 12V, so if you're going to follow my plans, make sure you use a 11.1V or lower battery, or your Serializer will be good for nothing but flinging at your next door neighbors pet Iguana!

As soon as I get back to my desk, I'll fire this up against the mini-ITX brain, and start capturing some input (I also got three Sharp GP2D12 Ir sensors)!

Btw, all the kit is available from James' website, J3Technology, so if you want some robotics (we like to call it automation) kit, then ping James, he's an absolute legend!