MSF...I'm your father!

So this is some cool news that is doing the traps:

Ivar Jacobson, also known as one of the fathers of RUP, has decided through his consulting company to release a process based on MSF for VSTS called Essential Unified Process.

This rocks, and I can’t agree more with Ivar when he says, “We need more lightweight processes”. One of the main things I disliked about RUP when I first encountered it on a federal government project was that it was so process intensive, and the tools to support it were disjoint and clumsy; I ended up spending tons of time filling in documents and diagrams, only to have to revise them a few weeks later when something changed, the documentation became the master of me!

When you look at how integrated and smooth VSTS is, and with the number of awesome partners joining the VSIP programme, it’s clear to see that VSTS is going to become a powerful process enabler. I’m a big fan of less is more, so I’m more than happy to have the Big Daddy in the VSTS corner.