My idea for my mini-ITX board!

Don Kerr (our Embedded guru) sent me a mini-ITX board today, and I have an idea for it.

I’m going to put it in my car, and attach it to a GPS reader, my web cam and an external microphone mounted in my car (I might try and get it working with my hands-free bluetooth headset instead). Everywhere I go, it will capture images (the webcam has two modes, camera and video, and I’ll mount it so I can move it around), add the GPS locations, and any voice I have, and make a travel log. I will also connect it to a wireless thingy, so that when I get home (the wireless network extends a little past our driveway), it will sync up it’s media with my home machine, where I will then feed it to the web.

Why? Well, I always drive past things, like funny restaurants, or weird folk, and I always wish I could remember where, or say a little something to remember the occasion. This way, I’ll have a little travelog of my adventures, for all to see. I’ll call it my Travelblog :)

Stay tuned for adventures with this project!