New Gig!

One of the things I love about working for Microsoft is the amazing amounts of opportunity to follow your passions. I’ve been very fortunate over my five years (yep, I celebrate 5 years at Microsoft this month) to have explored a number of great roles, and today I start off on another great adventure.

So where am I going?


Microsoft Live Labs! More specifically, to go work on the Pivot project.

Why am I going?

To springboard off the amazing experience I had at Windows Azure, and at a more fundamental level, the journey I started when I joined Microsoft. Being able to traverse the disciplines of evangelism, product management and engineering at the level Microsoft performs at is very rare, especially for someone who has spent the majority of their time in software engineering. Prior to joining Microsoft, I only ever worked in technical roles, so being able to contribute in so many ways is not only very unique to Microsoft but also hugely rewarding.

So wish me luck! And stay tuned for much Pivot goodness! :)

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