Office Loafers!

So one thing that has occurred to me over the past three months of being a dad is that munchkin's have the coolest, exciting, comfortable clothes around. I submit into evidence exhibit A below, a picture of Oli wearing her one piece suit and sock shoes!

Oli's Fancy Shoes

Exhibit A - Sock Shoes

OK, so have I been stuck in the shed with the lids off my paint tins again? No!! I've been thinking...

Why can't adults have such comfort and convenience. I would love a pair of socks of appropriate thickness and durability, printed with a leather shoe and sock design, that I could wear to work. Off course I would still wear shoes, but only to and from the office. But while in the safe confines of my carpeted castle, I would take off my "outside" shoes to reveal my "inside" shoes, then conduct my daily business routinely. At meetings, my colleagues would not even notice that I wasn't wearing "real" shoes, as it would appear to the casual voyeur that I in fact, I was. And all the while, comfort would be my companion.

Now as for the one piece armless jumpsuit...

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