Oh Shiny Palm Treo 750

I've been dicing with Dynamics AX this week, trying to get the most out of the programming interfaces (AIF and Business Connector), and I have to tell you, my head is spinning. Not because it's particularly challenging, but more that the possibilities of extending it out into the .NET 3.0 and .NET Nxt world is very exciting. My first challenge is to get the Business Connector LINQ'afied... but that's another tale.

The tale I'm telling in this post is about my Palm Treo 750!!! I rocked into work today, and waiting for me at reception was a new little friend...

First impressions, it is so nice to have a keyboard (my old phone is an SP5), and the OS feels far more solid (no lags or missed clicks). It doesn't lock up (I hated that about the SP5), and voice quality on the phone side is supreme, and having the touch screen back is a ripper. Now, the only issue I have at this stage is no wireless, but...

Grab one of these Spectec miniSD GPS thingys:

Or one of these:

And your set either way :)

So now Franky isn't the only kid on the block with a Treo 750 ;)