Optimus Prime @ The CRM 4 Launch?? Could Be!

Yesterday while walking through the local shopping center with Yil, we both noticed a little kid running around dressed in a little Transformers costume. He was about 4 years old, and it was one of those tracksuit style costumes.

Now, like some good mates, I'm a huge 80's fan (I spent years 3 - 13 in that warp), and for a brief moment, I pictured myself, resplendent in Optimus Prime costume, running carefree through the shops too.

Then it hit me! What if I turned up to the CRM 4 Launch, dressed as Optimus Prime. I could crawl on all fours making truck sounds to the lecturn, stand up while making Transformer sounds, announce "CRM 4 will Transform the way you do business", then return to the crawling position, with Transformer sounds off course, then crawl away, while making truck sounds off course!

Now, as Yil pointed out, most people would be thinking WTF? And the others would be on the best 80's time warp trip of their lives, but hey, who cares.

But this is where things get interesting. Yil says to me, "What if I found you an adult sized Optimus Prime costume?... Would you wear it for real?"

I say, "Off course!" with the bravado of a man confident that no business man in his right mind would create an "Adult" sized version of a children's animated character from the 80's!



How wrong was I?

Hmm, I reckon if I get 50 comments on my blog insisting that I keep my part of the bargain with Yil, I'll do it! I'll wear an adult Optimus Prime costume to the CRM 4 launch in Oz.

Autobots - roll out!

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