ORM and .NET Session by Jerry Shea!

Sometime ago, I was hanging a clock in my toilet (hey, this is where some of the best ideas are borne) when a thought popped into my head, why am I still dealing with tuples and rows of data, when all my worldly possessions live in objects! I frantically fired up my Sourceforge macro, that enables me to register every idea as an OSS project, and then hit a snag at the “Project Title” field. What would I call this new creation…hmmm, well, my idea was to create a framework, where objects would be managed in and out of my data stores, transparently through a persistence layer! Immediately the image of a small furry brown squirrel appeared to me and said, “They’re onto you Dave, time to burn everything…EVERYTHING!!!”. That’s it! I’ll call it DataPersistentSquirell.NET!

Well, thankfully for everyone in the free world (I still have a hope in the non-free world), many gifted developers had already tackled this problem, and had already cast forth tools such as NHibernate and Hibernate.

So when LINQ was announced, I thought, here is a great chance to re-invigorate the topic once again, so I called on my good friend, Jerry Shea from Renewtek (as I’m certainly not game to stand in front of 90 developers and talk about such things), and asked him to wade in. Jerry has extensive experience in both NHibernate and Hibernate, and has some wonderful opinions on ORM and object persistence, so I’m sure this session will be a blast.

So once again, if you’re in Melbourne, Australia, Earth on Friday the 18th of November, 2005 @ 12:30pm, get on down to the CITC, I’ll be there, Jerry will be there, YOU BE THERE!

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