PDC2008 – Day Minus 1

So I got up early this morning to go see how the preparations were going for PDC2008.

First Franky and I stopped at the worlds famous Original Pantry on South Figueroa to have some brekky.

Brekky at the Original Pantry

Then it was onto the LACC. The front sign says it all!

PDC Baby!!

Inside I was greeted by the biggest Think Way Outside The Box banner I’ve every seen!


And then inside the big room where everything was getting set up, even our super secret cloud services lounge!

The Lounge!!

The place is huge! With Hands-on Lab areas, the pavilion, the lounges, and the dining hall. It’s insane!


Can’t wait for tomorrow, we set the rest of the lounge up, and get ready for 4 days of developer fun in the LA sun!

Drop by the lounge and say g’day!

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