Perth and the Application Platform Contemplative!

IMAGE_030.jpgI'm off to Perth again next week, and one of the sessions I'm looking forward to delivering is my "Designing Solutions for the Microsoft Application Platform". Essentially, I want to go through some of the main product families we have (Integration, Content Management, Collaboration, Data) and discuss how you would wire them together with .NET to achieve a complete solution that has all the goodness you'd expect in an Enterprise Grade solution.

So if you're keen to check this session out, click on the link below:

You then register, you come to my session, I talk, we talk, we laugh (much fun), good times are had, and then you leave. I might stay for a little while after though, have a cup of tea, perhaps a sandwhich, it depends on what kind are supplied, then I will go.

Look forward to seeing everyone there!

Btw, if you're wandering what's with the picture on the right, I've decided to create my own collection of crap corporate stock photos! I figure, if I can't beat them, I'll join them! I'm calling this one, "The Constipated Contemplator" ! Perfect for use in completely random marketing situations where you want to convey the message to someone that they should be reading your material while trying to wrestle one out! ;)

Chau babies!